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Estate auctions, like most activities in our 21st century world, are developing an online presence. Many years ago, estate auction sales were a neighbourhood entertainment, and were likely to be advertised only in local papers and by word-of-mouth. Later, auctions were advertised throughout a wider area and presided over by professional auctioneers, and estate sales became magnets for antique dealers and other serious buyers as well as local bidders. Today, the customers for an auction can be from virtually anywhere in the world. More and more often, items from estate sales are featured online, where interested parties from around the globe can view them, and in some cases bid on them.
Types of Online Auctions
If you need to have an estate sale, you may be weighing your options. Some people in your situation opt for a "Do It Yourself” approach. This might include organizing a conventional in-person auction or yard sale, as well as setting up an online component. While your costs will be low if you take on all the work, the results may not be all you desire. Your website or email list may not attract much attention, and the income generated by a yard sale is not usually significant.
You may instead choose to list items on one of the more popular auction sites. This may lead to bids on those items, but it can also be time-consuming and work intensive.
The most effective choice is to find a reputable professional estate auction or contents sales firm in your area that you can partner with. These firms have thousands of contacts (including serious buyers) and their well-known websites can provide the exposure you need.
Some firms do both a conventional in-person auction and an online catalogue, while others offer only online listings. Some even offer live online auction services. You can choose the option best suited to your situation.
Advantages of Hiring A Specialist In Estate Auctions
There are many reasons why this way of selling is beneficial to the seller. The most important is exposure. If you list your estate items with a company that has a good reputation, traffic will be heavy on their website. This ensures that many more people will view the items, resulting in either more customers at a physical sale, or more bids in an online auction. Another benefit of partnering with a contents sale firm is that they have the experience of thousands of sales to help them make yours run smoothly and efficiently. A final selling point is that most of these firms do not charge upfront fees – they simply take a percentage of the revenue from the sale, ensuring that they will work hard to maximize profits.
In addition, if the sale is for the belongings of a loved family member, the emotional aspect of dealing with selling these items can be significant. Handing over the responsibility of the estate auction to a firm with the experience and contacts to make it a success can be a great relief.
Book a free consultation with a firm specializing in estate auctions or contents sales today. A good firm can help to ensure that your estate auction is less stressful, and more successful.
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